Remote Server

We understand the growing needs of a small business. That’s why we provide a complete solution for your Remote Server needs. By partnering with RawData Storage, TECHSupport offers companies their own Intranet. Our Remote Server solutions open up better, more efficient options for remotely housing data, safely sharing files (even sharing entire hard drives) and backing up your data.

Through Remote Access, your team members can access their accounts from anywhere that has an internet connection, so they can be more productive, even when away from the office.

TECHSupport also provides Remote Data Backups, saving your company valuable time and money. Most important, it provides you with peace of mind. The only backup solution that works is one that you do – with our automatic, remote backup services, you don’t need to remember to backup your data, and you don’t have to mess with CDs, tapes or zip drives. Additionally, your data backups will be encrypted, protecting you from potential damage due to hackers, disgruntled employees or curious data seekers.


Increase productivity and improve the bottom line.